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American TreeWorks Services Offered

We Specialize In…

Tree Pruning of All Size Trees!

Large Difficult To Reach Tree Trimming & Removal.

We Can Reach Trees That May Be in a Small Courtyard, Pool or Patio Area.

(We are able to do that because we have 28 years of experience using special rope & climbing techniques that many others just can't perform safely.)

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Tree Service In Austin TX Since 1983 – Call (512) 731-8956

American TreeWorks is a family owned & operated company you can trust. Owners George & Cindy Santaw continue to offer personal service today just as they have since 1983. George having served for many years as an Austin Fire Fighter as well as a professional arborist brings an unprecedented level of safety, skills & experience to your home or business. 

We treat your home or business like our own, with safety & consideration for all your tree service needs. We work with consideration for any surrounding trees, lawns, landscapes, neighbor’s property and well being ALWAYS in mind! We never place trucks or equipment on your valuable & delicate property because there simply is no reason to!! We can safely & efficiently climb, prune or remove trees & limbs without causing any damage or disruption to the surroundings. For nearly 30 years we have provided professional tree service to our Austin area customers, and look forward to serving your tree service needs too !

Here’s a list of some of our tree care services we provide.

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Lot Clearing
  • Brush Grinding/Chipping
  • Roof & Structure Clearing
  • Emergency Tree Clean-Up &
  • Brush Removal
  • Stump Removal & Stump Grinding



  • Oak Wilt Evaluation
  • Ball Moss Removal ( Hand Removed )
  • Mistletoe Removal
  • Crown/Canopy Raising
  • View Clearing
  • Dead/Hazardous Branch Removal
  • Hauling Away Debris/Firewood
  • Emergency Storm/Tree Cleanup


American TreeWorks offers very competitive free tree service estimates and has been doing so for nearly 30 years! In fact the combined experience of our staff at American TreeWorks is a staggering 91 years, and that is for our ongoing work force of 5. We do not have need to hire day labor or new workers because we provide a long term work environment.

Because of that, you get quality people at your business or home that can properly perform the work, and be trusted. If you ever have changes you want to make or questions while your work is going on we say “No Problem.” Simply ask anyone of our crew.  You can be confident to know all communication will be clear and without confusion.

One important fact that you may be very pleased to know is that the tree service professional you meet the day of your estimate will be the one to actually arrive again the day of your scheduled tree work to insure all is done as quoted.  So whether your tree service needs are for pruning, tree removal, brush removal or simply to raise that low canopy or clear limbs from the roof just know that your tree service by American Tree Works will be done at the right price, at the right time by the right tree service professionals. We have been in continuous business as a leading tree service in Austin since 1983.

What makes us different is pretty much everything. From the moment we schedule your estimate on the phone to the day we complete cleanup & blow off the driveway or curb you will know the difference . We are truly family operated , and whether you speak with Amanda at the office or Steven while he is suspended in your tree you will be pleased by the level of knowledge, communication, and skills of our staff. Its simple, when you treat everyone with respect, and offer unparalleled service at a fair price. Call us today , and you will know why we are so confident in your satisfaction.

Call or Email George or Cindy Santaw today, and let us raise your tree service expectations to new heights!

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